About us

Fruittrade is organized by the Chilean Federation of Fruit Producers (Fedefruta, Federación de Productores de Frutas de Chile) with the support of the Chilean government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thanks to their exports promotion agency, ProChile.

About Fedefruta

Founded in 1985, Fedefruta, the Chilean Federation of Fruit Producers, is a non-profit organization that represents over 28 thousand fruit producers throughout the country, defending their interests before authorities and other sectors within the supply chain, thus improving their business opportunities.

The prestige Fedefruta has attained over these 31 years has allowed the federation to become involved in debates over policies that affect the entire industry, serving as a spokesman for Chilean entrepreneurs before the government, congress, research centers and general public opinion, always playing a guiding, facilitating and integrating role.

Among its many activities, since 2003, Fruittrade has held the most important business roundtable, convention and tradeshow in the entire Chilean fruit and vegetable industry.

For more information, please visit www.fedefruta.cl.

About ProChile

It is the body of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting the exportable supply of Chilean goods and services and contributing towards fostering foreign investment and tourism.

ProChile provides the country with all of the knowledge and information needed to facilitate and accompany the process of internationalizing export companies and companies with exporting potential.

The purpose of their work is to enhance the promotion of production and joint work among companies, involving both the private and public sector in order to contribute towards the growth and development of the country.

ProChile has a national network made-up of 15 Regional Branches located in each region of the country, as well as 2 county offices (San Fernando and Ñuble) that contribute towards decentralization and also serve as meeting points for the export sector. All of these offices are equipped with professionals that are familiar with the regional supply and can help guide exporters through specialized information that will help their internationalization process.

ProChile also has an external network that consists of 55 Trade Offices strategically located in the most important markets in the world. They are all staffed by highly qualified professionals who are constantly monitoring the opportunities, trends and demands found in different markets. They also link-up our exportable supply with importers, distributers and key opinion leaders in different nations.

For more information, please visit www.prochile.cl