Business Roundtable

What is it?

The International Business Roundtable, Chilean Export-Grade Fruits and Vegetables is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that brings together the main producers/exporters in Chile (we also have visitors from other parts of the globe) and the purchasers of fresh fruit, dehydrated fruit, vegetables and organic products, both from Chile and abroad.

How does it work?

It all starts through this registry. The first thing you have to do is choose which segment you’d like to sign up for: purchaser/importer/supermarket or producer/exporter.
Once your participation has been accepted, starting on Monday, September 3rd, you can begin to schedule your meetings.

What does this means?

You can review the profiles of the registered participants and schedule a meeting from the comfort of your own desk (or, they can ask you to attend a meeting). Invitations can be accepted or rejected, but one thing is certain, once you arrive to the Business Roundtable room, your meeting schedule will already be arranged.
Industry purchasers have a table at the event. All they have to do is wait for the producers/exporters/plant nursery operators to show-up on time.

Who participates?

Production sector (Producers/Exporters)
They own or manage their properties. This is the group that seeks to anticipate change, improve productivity, be proactive and, generally speaking, they are the first ones to adopt new technology within the industry. Here, you will get the chance to find added value in the many different products on supply, allowing you to design a tailor-made fit for your needs. Projected attendance: 100 producers/exporters.

Purchasing Sector (Retailers/Brokers/Supermarkets)
The purchasers who visit us every year are wholesale importers, retailers, supermarket chains, brokers and others, all coming from the most important markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America and the domestic market. Projected attendance: 50 purchasers.

Registration fees

Category Until June 30th Starting July 1st
Current Fedefruta Members Free $200.000 pesos
General Audience $280.000 pesos (one day $ 140.000)
Foreign Nationals US$400 (one day (US$ 200)

If you are registered and have been accepted into the business roundtable, the convention is free of charge.